About - Aurbits


I left a full time career a few years ago to pursue some hobbies, and here's where I am now!

My main site is here: https://aurbits.com/ Please visit for the latest deals as well as free goodies often in your purchase ^_^


After leaving my full time career as a producer, designer, and programmer for software and educational video games, I started tinkering around with many different hobbies, including electronics, hydroponics, and cooking.

Along the way I found Netrunner, and amazing asymmetrical cyberpunk card game that quickly became the first thing to get me back into playing games regularly in many years!

I saw that there was an active alt-art community in Netrunner. Inspired by the beautiful designs I'd seen on electronics, I decided to make my own alts that felt similar to the real things. I called up an artist friend of mine to start working on our own versions and came up with what you see in the store today.

Since then I've come to play and love more games and have expanded into creating fun stuff I want to use for them as well!

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